Modern Polyhedron Diamond Teardrop Shape Geometric Wall Mount Hanging Glass Planter Plant Succulent Flower Pot Glass Terrarium

$139.95 $55.98

Type: Pots,Pot Trays
Style: Modern
Finishing: Galvanized
Usage Condition: Hanging
Used With: Flower/Green Plant
Model Number: 20160220005-MY
Material: Glass
Type: Decorative Jar
Style: Contemporary

Planting suggestion:

1. For succulents:
Please choose drought-endurable, low-growing succulents.
Please choose breathable soil. 
Deadwood, stones, and succulents will make good arrangements.
2. For fern and moss,
Glass terrariums are the most friendly containers for moss and fern. 
3. This pot is not designed for a hydroponic flower pot.

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