Wooden Memorial Photo Frame 6' Set W/ glass vase , Water Plant

$89.85 $35.94

6' Set Wooden Memorial photo frame w/ plant in vase is specially designed with a view to nourish  memories. A special person is always kept close to your heart. With this idea, You can Actually Correlate with the Person you Love with the Plant. You can water and nourish to experience the person around you even though the person May miles Apart or Cherished Within your Heart.The labor, Patience, and Attention you Spend Watering and Nourishing will give you the time needed everyday to think of your loved one and cherish Memories Daily.

A Great Way To Ensure Your Setting Aside a Small Amount of Time Everyday To Think of Those Most Dear, As Well as Have a Ideal Decorative Addition To Your Home,Office,Ect..


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