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Though the concept of a terrarium is not a new one, it is being heard nowadays more often.here are some frequently asked questions that will clear doubts about maintaining a terrarium.

What is a terrarium?
A terrarium is a system in which plants are grown in a glass pot where the conditions required for the growth of a plant are simulated within.

What plants work best in Terrarium?
Plants that grow faster are not recommended for making a terrarium instead plants that are slowly growing and require low water is suggested so as to minimize the maintenance
Some examples are Maidenhair, Birds nest, Button ferns, cacti, Hawthornia.h

How often do you water a terrarium?
Water requirements differ from plant to plant. Though it is difficult to generalise water requirements, one common hint regarding watering a terrarium plant is to check moisture in the soil. If the moisture is lost take it as the time to water your plant. Dependent on the type and size of your terrarium you may not need to water it at all, in some cases condensation from the plants and soil creates enough moisture for the terrarium to thrive this need to ensure not to much.There are terrariums that are permanently closed and that can thrive that way, Of course though this is dependent on size, type of plants as well as other factors please do more research prior to trying this method.

What to do when there is a build of Condensation in the terrarium?
Condensation in the terrarium is a sign of excess water. All that you should do is, just open the terrarium and leave the plant free until condensation on the walls disappears.

What should you do when leaves on the plant turn yellow:
Leaves turning yellow mean that you are over watering your plant. In such cases it is required to cut off those yellow leaves by a pruning scissors and refrain from watering till the soil dries and once the soil is dried resume watering and take note that you should not flood.

What to do when you see flies in the terrarium:
There is a chance that these flies are Fungus gnats, a totally common and solvable problem among indoor plants. It is a sign that you are overwatering your plant. When you correct this issue flies will automatically come down.
How do you fertilize your terrarium plants:
Desert plants, however, do not need any fertilizers whereas woodland plants require some amount of fertilizers. For this one can use one tablespoon liquid seaweed diluted or other organic fertilizer in your water once in every six weeks.